Keep your lawn healthy this Winter
Moweing the lawn in the sunset


Now that winter is here, your lawn needs less mowing, leaving you more time to focus on how to keep it healthy in cool weather.

As we tend to have “Warm Season Grasses”, when winter comes, our lawn tends to have slow growth and repair, even some going into a semi-dormant state. In Winter, grass usually loses it’s green colour and have fewer daylight hours, leaving your lawn very vulnerable. 

Tips for Winter lawn care:

  • Decrease the amount of water to your lawn. There is less sunlight and heat to absorb water. Overwatering your lawn can lead to turf disease and rotting of the thatch layer.
  • Prune overgrown trees and bushes. Overgrown plants can often shade the lawn and with the reduced daylight hours, your lawn needs all the sun it can get. Not to mention your trees and bush will look much nicer after a prune.
  • Treat winter weeds before they germinate. Broad Leaf Weeds, Clover, Bindi & Winter Grass are all weeds that thrive during winter. Pick the right herbicide to treat the weed as soon as it arises.

If you tend your lawn in Winter, it will be sure to survive the winter and be picture-perfect when spring comes!

Come in and chat to our team about how to get a great looking lawn year round!

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