Nail your lawn mowing technique this Spring!
Fresh cut lawn


Did you know that different lawn mowing techniques make a big difference to the overall appearance of your lawn? Now the Spring is here, it’s the best time to nail your lawn mowing technique with our top 4 tips!

  • If you have a rotary mower, mow in a clockwise direction around the edge of your lawn – start by mowing clockwise around the edge of the lawn. This means any excess grass will be thrown back onto the lawn (which you’ll be mowing after), as opposed to being thrown into the path or garden and making a mess.
  • Vary your mowing direction each time – grass tends to sway in the direction of its last mow, so mowing alternative ways will encourage the grass to grow upright. Mowing the same way each time is likely to compact soil and can cause ruts, so to avoid ruts and mow in alternate directions each time (after you’ve mowed around the edges).
  • Avoid mowing wet grass – wet grass can clog the mower’s deck, encourage rust and may cut unevenly due to the grass may clump together. It’s best to mow your lawn when your grass is nice and dry.
  • Ensure your mower blades are sharp – Blunt mower blade tear the top of your grass, leaving it susceptible to pests and disease. If your grass looks like it’s tearing and not clean cutting, the blade is probably dull and needs replacing. This is best left to professional servicers like us! We service and repair lawn mowers and lawn equipment, click here to book a service.

Nailing your lawn mowing technique is the difference between a nice lawn and a great lawn! By following these simple tips, you’ll give your lawn the best chance at becoming the envy of all your neighbours.