Now’s the time to give your lawn mower a little TLC
A mower that needs servicing at Toowoomba Mower Centre


Winter is in full swing, which probably means your lawn doesn’t need to be mowed as regularly. Now is the best time to make sure your lawn mower is well maintained and ready for Spring!

We’ve made a list of the top 4 things you can do to help your mower return to its former glory.

  1. Replace the fuel before each use – old fuel can age your lawn mower quickly! So go to your local servo and fill a small jerry can before each time you mow the lawn. We also recommend you let the mower use all the fuel during a mow, this stops fuel from getting old and encourages you to use new fuel each time.
  2. Check and replace old or dirty oil – take a look at the oil, is it dark, dirty or contains anything floating? If so, it probably needs an oil change! This is best left to the professionals, so we recommend you book a service (which is tip 4!)
  3. Clear catcher and undercarriage after every use – Your lawn mower should get a quick clean before you store it away. Built up grass and dirt can lead to rust and performance issues. Before cleaning, disconnect the spark plug and ensure the throttle is turned off.
  4. Book a professional service – there are many other things your lawn mower needs but should only be left to the experts. At Toowoomba Mower Centre, we service lawn mowers and lawn equipment (golf carts too!). We now have an easy to use book a service form on our website! After a service, your lawn mower will be ready to make lawnspiration when Spring arrives!
  5. Want to know more ways to maintain your mower? Come in and chat to our team!