Al-Ko DRAIN 12000 Comfort

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The Drain 12000 Comfort water pump is compact and reliable as well as extremely strong and robust. Particularly useful for removing heavily contaminated liquids, for example, after excessive flooding, from contaminated ponds, tanks or flooded construction sites. As dirt particles need to be removed in addition to water, there is a significantly increased load on the material and engine performance. The Drain 12000 can easily handle this due to the advanced vortex impeller technology, which also manages highly contaminated water with up to 5 percent of hover particles and grain sizes up to 30mm without problems.

Due to its large suction opening, the Drain 12000 Comfort also pumps contaminated water with particles up to 30 mm in suspension, effortlessly and smoothly.

A maintenance free motor, specially treated motor shaft made from Inox stainless steel and the fibreglass reinforced polypropylene housing are features which guarantee a long service life in the AL?KO Drain 12000 Comfort water pump.

AL-KO wastewater pumps are equipped complete with a freely swiveling 90 angle connection to prevent unwanted kinking of the pump hose. The included combination adapter is suitable for different hose sizes.

The Drain 12000 Comfort model pumps up to 12,000 l/h with a maximum head of 10 metres, regardless of whether clean or dirty water is involved.

Guaranteed flow with vortex impeller geometry

Automatic shut off with float switch



850 watts

Cable Length


Maximum Flow Rate

12,000 l/h

Maximum Lift/Head


Maximum Particle Size


Maximum Submersible Depth


Pump Output Diameterh

G 1 1/4″ (41.9 mm)



Product Dimensions (W x H x L)

190mm x 353mm x 239mm