Billy Goat SC121H Turf Cutter

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Whether your job is Golf / Mini / Sports Turf / Landscaping / Flatwork / Hardscape / Irrigation, etc., the 18” Hydro-Drive Turf Cutter is easy to operate and comfortable to use with variable ground speeds – forward & reverse – and intuitive controls.

This unit is built upon the most rugged foundation in the industry with a steel superstructure frame supporting a robust drive and cut system.

The machine’s heavy-duty gear box and cutting system include oversized sealed bearings, tight shaft mounted eccentrics and a one-inch lateral stability bar – all designed to perform in the industry’s most rugged conditions providing the next level in durability.

The Hydro Drive Turf Cutter features variable speed fingertip control in both forward and reverse for consistent feel, simple operation and reliability.

Compared to multiple settings on other machines, the SC181H features the easiest to use “Set and Forget™ blade depth adjustment to 2.5” with a single lever from the operator station. The unit comes standard with a rear caster wheel for curved cuts and locks for straight cutting and handle isolation mounts absorb vibration for smooth, fatigue-free operation. Other user-friendly features include an hour meter, heavy-duty front bumper bar and six convenient tie-down points.

Rear Swivel Caster

Perfect for curved work and locks for straight cutting.

Multiple Oversized Isolation Mounts

Absorbs vibration so operator completes tasks quickly, comfortably and without fatigue.

Convenient Hour Meter

Tracks hours of operation to help determine when to service the machine. Also ideal for rental stores to track machine hours of use when rented.

Intuitive Variable Speed Fingertip Hydro Drive Controls

Comfortably mounted for fingertip access.

Set & Forget™ Blade Depth Adjustment to 2.5

Single lever and clamp at user’s operating position adjusts simply, saving time and providing precise cutting depths.

Heavy-Duty Transmission

Drives 1.25″ plated tapered axle with 2″ sealed bearings coupled to a 1″ jack shaft with armour coated chain for rugged drive reliability.

Easy Access Service Doors

Three service doors positioned at front and back of machine offer convenient access for servicing.

Heavy-Duty Bumper & Tear-Drop Tie Downs

Machine transport is safe and easy with a heavy-duty front bumper bar and six tie-down points, front and rear positions.

Well Vented Housing

Provides increased venting for cooling operation and longer transmission life.

Unique Drive Wheels

Two separate wheels designed to shed mud in wet conditions and grip in dry for improved cutting in all conditions.

Weight (kg)157.8

Cutting Width in(cm)18 (45.7)

Cutting Depth in(cm)Maximum of 2.5 (6.35)

Length in(cm)59 (149.9)

Width in(cm)26.5 (66)

Height in(cm)36.5 (90.8)

TransmissionHydro Gear RT 310

Commercial Warranty1 Year

Engine Description163cc Honda® GX160