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Efco Hedge Trimmer

  • “Lift starter”: an engine starting system that automatically inhibits the choke when the throttle is opened fully, thereby eliminating the risk of flooding the carburettor.
  • Adjustable blades which adapt to all gardens , even resinous plants. Optimum performance even with blunt blades.
  • Aluminium gearbox. Drive train with pinion mounted on bearings. Connecting rod with roller bearings.
  • Vibration damping system composed of springs and rubber mounts: completely isolates the handles from the rest of the tool for maximum user comfort, even after prolonged use.
  • Rear handle rotatable through 180° (90° clockwise and 90° counterclockwise) with 5 intermediate positions for maximum versatility, also making it possible to work immediately up against a wall.
  • Light weight and powerful high-quality, commercial-duty engine
  • High blade speed – But blades stop in less than one second upon throttle release
  • 30″ (750 mm) Double sided blades.
  • Ergonomic handle with throttle lock
  • Transparent fuel tank – for instant fuel level monitoring.