EGO POWER+ 56V Multi-Tool Rotocut Attachment


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EGO POWER+ Rotocut cuts through grass, weeds and moss with ease. Featuring two counter rotating blades which prevent debris from being thrown to make it ideal for use in delicate areas.


The EGO Power+ Rotocut attachment means our multi-tool now allows greater flexibility when working. The rotocut has a cutting width of 23cm and runs at 450rpm cutting speed. It works with two counter-rotating blades to ensure low throw, making it safer to work in smaller, more confined areas and places near vehicles and other objects. Made with high-strength alloy steel, you’re able to confidently tackle grass, weeds and moss, knowing that the blade is durable and effective. The base plate is mounted on bearings, increasing the overall life of the tool and reducing pavement damage. The blades have been designed to ensure clean and efficient cutting performance whilst maintaining durability. Rotocut can be used on either speed setting on the PH1400E power head. Rotocut can be used with any rear motored tools or EGO line trimmer multi tools, making it the ultimate attachment for added precision and protection. The EGO Power+ multi-tool is a great value way to enjoy all the benefits of petrol-free power. Combine the tools you need, with the power and performance of our unique patented ARC lithium batteries and brushless motor to get the job done.


Exclusively compatible with EGO POWER+ Power Head PH1400E

23cm Cutting Capacity

High strength alloy steel blade

Anti-clockwise head rotation: Commercial set-up for increased control and efficiency

Water-resistant construction (ipx4)

Genuine EGO parts ensure compatibility, quality and performance