Redmax Chainsaw

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Maximize your tree work with the RedMax GZ7100 chainsaw. As one of the industry?s best professional saws, this machine is built for full time use by loggers, arborists, foresters and other tree industry professionals. The magnesium crankcase offers superior durability, while anti vibration handles increase operator comfort. Powerful, productive and easy to use, RedMax chainsaws deliver all the power you need.

Displacement (cc) 70.7

Power Output (kw) 4.10

Weight~ (kg) 6.4

Power:Weight 0.39

Chain Pitch (inches) 3/8

Gauge 0.058

Bar Length Actual (inches) 20

Bar Length Min/Max (inches) 20 24

Usage Commercial

Carburettor Adjustments Manual

Magnesium Crankcase ?

Clean Power ?

Turbo Air Cleaning ?

Anti Vib ?

Warranty Commercial/Domestic 2 Year/5 Year