Refresh your yard with the right type of grass this Spring
Laying down fresh turf


Has winter caused havoc to the grass in your backyard? Now is the time to revamp your yard – but with so many different grass types to choose from, which is best suited to you?

Some of the most popular grass types will thrive in different conditions. Check them out below to decide which one is for you.

Kikuyu is tough, hard-wearing and withstands trampling by the kids and your pets. It can cope with anything from full sun to semi-shade and survives both drought and water logging. Even better, it regenerates quickly if it does get worn out. The downside is that Kikuyu grows quickly in the warm months, so be prepared for frequent mowing. It also loves to creep, so some work might be needed to stop it escaping to the neighbour’s yard.

This fine leaf grass is a popular choice. It’s low cost and tolerates both full sun and regular wear. Couch grows well in warm areas and is happy in a variety of different soil types from clay to sandy. Couch is a fast repairing grass so it requires regular lawn mowing in warmer months. This grass also likes to use its underground runners to escape your yard, so regular checking is recommended.

Buffalo Turf
Buffalo turf is hardy and thrives in shaded areas and in hot weather with minimal water. Best known for its wide leaf blade, Buffalo grass needs minimal fertilisation, is pest resistant and low growing, making it nicely low maintenance.

Often sold as Compadre, Empire, Nara or Empress turf, Zoysia has a fine leaf and soft texture and tolerates being a little neglected. Zoysia is best suited to warm regions with scarce water. Use it if you have medium wear on your lawn as it has a slower growth rate than most grass, taking longer to repair. The benefit of its slow growth rate is less frequent grass mowing!

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