Winter has arrived! Make sure your firewood is ready!
Winter with the Toowoomba Mower Centre


The frosty season is here! Whether you love winter or hate it, there’s nothing like warming up in front of a toasty fire. However, without good firewood, there’s no fire. We have narrowed down some tips for selecting the best firewood to create a cosy fire:

  • Collect twigs and sticks from your yard. This is one of the best ways to get kindling to start a fire, not to mention, it also clears your yard of debris.
  • Whether you bought your firewood or you cut your own, the drier the better. You want to look for dark/grey colour wood with cracked ends. This indicates the wood is older and drier, which means it will burn cleaner and more effectively. Avoid freshly cut (green) wood as it doesn’t burn very well and the smoke is a strong pollutant.
  • If you are cutting your own wood, make sure loved ones are clear of the area and you are using protective clothing and safety equipment.
  • Store the firewood undercover and slightly raised above the ground, if possible. This helps avoid creepy crawlies from living in the pile and speeds the drying process.

Yes, you can buy firewood, however, it’s so much more satisfying cutting your own. Getting the right tools for the job means you get cut firewood faster and don’t get a sore shoulder by swinging an axe repeatedly.

Toowoomba Mower Centre has a range of chainsaws and log splitters, which make cutting your own firewood a breeze! 

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