Winter is coming, prepare for the cooler months!
Raking up leaves for autumn


Make the most of the last month in Autumn by giving your lawn a little TLC.

Make the most of the last month in Autumn by giving your lawn a little TLC and prepare for winter! The weather has already taken a cool turn, which means gardening will be much more pleasurable than in the hot Summer months. Some great things you can do in May are:

Aerate the soil
Is your lawn regularly trampled on? Browns quickly when exposed to hot weather? Does water tend to puddle on the grass when it rains? If you said yes to any of the above, your lawn is likely in need of aeration. Aeration allows your compacted lawn and soil to be exposed to air circulation, water and nutrients.

Increase the mowing height
To protect your lawn when the cold snap hits, it’s best to allow approximately 50mm of leaf on your lawn and in shady areas, up to 60-70mm. If cut at the correct height, when the winter frost comes to visit your yard, only the tips of the lawn will be affected.

Get the firewood ready
Make sure you have your firewood ready for the cold snap. When storing and retrieving firewood, be careful! A wood pile may look like a great home for creepy crawlies so it’s best to have gloves on and collect during daylight hours. Also, make sure all the firewood is cut to the right size for your fireplace.

Doing these jobs in preparation for the cooler months will mean you and your lawn will have a more enjoyable winter!

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